The region

The Berry region is characterized by hedges of fenced meadows, fields, country lanes and beautiful village churches. It is wonderful to be here at any time of the year, and furthermore it is the area where you can still experience pure nature: in the Berry you breathe in the cleanest air in France, as there is no industry in this region.

Anyone who loves gardening can indulge themselves. There are great examples that provide inspiration for your home. Such as the beautiful monastery gardens of Prieuré d’Orsan, where you can easily spend 1.5 hours. It is an experience to walk around here every time of the year.

Another great example is Chateau Ainay le Veuil, which is about 45 minutes away from us. The gardens are freely accessible and date back to the 16th century. The garden has evolved over the centuries, but the structure has been preserved. In 1985, the gardens were laid out as you find them today. The castle itself was restored in 1855; it is possible to visit this castle (but you have to pay for a guided tour).

If you are looking for a large nature reserve, then the beautiful Parc Naturel de Brenne is recommended. You can explore this park by bike or walking. It is also possible to hire a canoe.

Naturally, there are also beautiful villages. Cargilesse is one of the most beautiful villages in France. We ourselves are charmed by Argenton sur Creuse and La Châtre, but Menoux with its beautiful frescoes is also worth a visit, just like St. Benoît du Sault,


If you want to spend your time on active and sportive activities you can go hiking, cycling, fishing, do water sports or play golf. We have set out beautiful hiking and cycling routes with clear descriptions and maps.

Les Dryades has a beautiful 18-hole golf course, designed by the architect Michel Gayon. The course is 6120 m long and has 16 challenges due to the many water features. This gof course is located in Pouligny-Notre-Dame.

How about a fairytale forest? Parc des Parelles. The park is a beautiful ecosystem with various plants and herbs. There are also beautiful hiking trails here. A bit further away (Creuse), les Monts de Guéret offer beautiful hiking and cycling trails. More information is available from us or via the local tourist information in La Châtre.  Off course there are many beautiful walking routes in the area. A little further away (Creuse), les Monts de Guéret offer beautiful hiking and biking trails. Contact us or the tourist information for more details.

Lake Ligny in Pouligny Notre Dame is also great fun for water lovers. Here you can laze on a small beach, but also test your water skiing skills. If you want a little more adventure, the beautiful lake at Sidialles is an excellent place to cool down. You can go canoeing, pedal boating, ziplining, but also just enjoy swimming there. A little further south-west you will find Le Bourg d’Hem with a lovely beach and restaurant. You can also visit Etang de Courtilles with a nice beach.

A totally different activity is to visit the wolf park near Chabrières. This park, located in the Chabrières forest is a few kilometres from Guéret (Creuse). Some 40 wolves live here in a natural environment. You can take a walk through the park here and if you are quiet you will discover how the wolves live.

And how about a giant labyrinth? Questionnaires are available based on various themes and depending on the answers given, you follow the right or wrong direction. On average one spends an hour to find the exit.


Anyone who walks around the Berry will not miss the fact that the 19th-century writer George Sand, pseudonym of Amandine Lucile Aurore Dupin, grown up in this region. In addition to writing, she also played a political role by participating indirectly in the provisional government of 1848. She was a feminist as well and had a fascinating love life, including her greatest love Frédéric Chopin. She lived in Paris, but also spent long periods of time on her grandmother’s estate in Nohant-Vic where she hosted famous artists such as Balzac, Delacroix, Flaubert and Listz. The 18th-century castle and the beautiful gardens can be visited daily in high season. Every year, in July and August, a music event is organized, dedicated to romance: the festival of Nohant

There are many castles in the vicinity of Domaine Pouzoult, such as the castle of Sarzay, the castle of Culan or Chateau de Boussac. The castle is also called the “Château des tapisseries de la Dame à la Licorne”: a permanent exhibition of beautiful tapestries. Boussac is a lovely place with an old church and beautiful old houses.

In Saint-Sévère-sur-Indre you will find the museum (Maison de Jour de Fête) of Jacques Tati, the famous French film director and actor, best known for his role as Monsieur Hulot. In this village, he recorded a film in which almost all residents played a role. The town itself is definitely worth a visit to soak up the typical French atmosphere. In August they hold short film festivals here.


Until the French Revolution, Berry was one of the provinces of France, with its capital at Bourges. In the early Middle Ages Berry was an independent county. At the end of the 11th century, under the influence of the bishops of Bourges, the French kings began to take an interest in the area and gradually incorporated it into their domain. In 1360, King John II the Good founded the Duchy of Berry for his third son Jan. The title of Duke of Berry remained for centuries within the royal family, such as Charles Ferdinand, the youngest son of King Charles X of France. In 1790, Le Berry was divided among several new departments. Haut-Berry broadly became the Cher department, with the addition of Saint-Amand-Montrond and surrounding areas. Bas-Berry became the department of Indre, along with a large part of the Brenne, smaller parts of Berry went to the departments of Loiret and Loir-et-Cher. All of the mentioned departments are now part of the Centre-Val de Loire region.

Domaine Pouzoult falls within the municipality of Sazeray and is part of Berry. The history of Sazeray goes back a long way, but unfortunately not much is known from the earlier periods. Traces have been found of small Gallo-Roman farms, such as Petit Mont and the Pouzoult mill. That is why you will still find these names in the area. Ultimately, the former habitat of Sazeray disintegrated and fragmented into many small hamlets spread across the area

Come and enjoy the French countryside with its beautiful nature,
the delicious food and the many sights.